Thursday, 28 October 2010

“Father Christmas Comes to Hungerford”

The grand old man of Christmas came to Hungerford a bit early this year as author Rupert Matthews gave a talk on the history of the real Father Christmas to a packed meeting of the Hungerford Probus.

Rupert said “This was a great event – made all the better by scrumptious roast beef and the apple pudding dessert. I outlined the development of our favourite Christmas character from his origins as the fearsome pagan English god of winter Geol (as in Yule),  through his medieval guise as a stern imposer of winter tasks and jolly glutton of Christmas feasting to his meeting with St Nicholas, from whom he borrowed the habit of giving presents to children. I wound up by bringing Father Christmas fully up to date, explaining where the reindeer came from, why Father Christmas drives a flying sleigh and how he is viewed in China, Japan and other non-Western societies.”

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