Friday, 2 December 2016

Santa Book now available in print

My Authorised Biography of Father Christmas is now available in print.You can order it now in time for delivery by Christmas.

90 pages
Published by Bretwalda Books.

Price £5 per copy, plus £3 for UK postage and packing for up to 5 copies. (£6 for overseas postage).

If you would like the book signed or dedicated to a particular person just let me know.

Payment by cheque or paypal. Make paypal payments to and follow up with an email to the same address. Cheques made payable to Rupert Matthews and sent to me at 8 Fir Tree Close, Epsom Downs, Surrey KT17 3LD.

Some people call him Father Christmas, other people name him Santa Claus, but whatever name he goes by we all know him.
He is the jolly, fat man who comes out only on Christmas Eve. He loads his sleigh up with toys for all the good children in the world. He wraps himself up in a warm, fur-lined suit of red cloth with matching hat and warm black boots. Then he hitches up his magic flying reindeer, leaves behind his workshop at the North Pole and takes to the skies. For hours he gallops across the wintry, frozen landscapes to bring toys to millions of excited children around the world.
He has become the living embodiment of the Christmas Spirit. But where did this loveable old boy come from? How old is he? Has he always been so jovial? And what about the elves, reindeer and North Pole?
Many people think that Santa was invented for an advertising campaign by Coca Cola. Others date him to Victorian times. A few may place him back in the 18th century or even Tudor times. But they are all wrong.
He is much, much older than that.
This book traces the development of our favourite Christmas character from his origins many centuries ago down to the present day. We learn when and how he started giving presents to children, why he is so fat and where the reindeer came from - among many other things.

Ebook available via Amazon.

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