Monday, 30 January 2012

The Permian Jungles

There was a major upheaval in prehistoric life around 270 million years ago
At the start of what scientists call the Permian Period, there was a rapid change in prehistoric life. A new type of animal evolved that rapidly became the most important form of life on Earth. These were the reptiles. They quickly took over many ways of life from the amphibians.

Early reptiles were well adapted to life on land
The first reptiles looked like amphibians, but they were different in several important ways. One of these was that their eggs were covered with a waterproof shell. Unlike amphibians, reptiles did not need to lay their eggs in water. They could therefore live far from streams and lakes.

Things to do
Edible Reptiles

You will need:
100gms dried milk
100gms smooth peanut butter
50gms honey
food colouring

Mix the dried milk, peanut butter and honey together in a bowl.
Mould the “dough” into reptile shapes.
Decorate the dough reptiles with currants for eyes and colour with food colouring
With adult permission, scoff the reptiles for supper. Yummy!

From 100 Facts on Prehistoric Life by Rupert Matthews

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