Sunday, 6 July 2014

West Chiltington

West Chiltington

On the A283 east of Pulborough, find the well signposted Nutbourne Vinyards which are open May to October, free of charge. The vineyards are set in the lovely grounds of Nutbourne Manor. Visitors can wander through all the vineyards, learn how grapes are grown in this country, and then visit the historic Windmill to taste some of the Award winning wines made here. There are also two lovely lakes, wild fowl and a family of llamas.

Leave the vinyard and follow the signs along a twisting lane to West Chiltington. In West Chiltington the church of St Mary lies just off to the right of the main road through the village centre. It forms a fitting centrepiece to one of the prettiest little villages in Sussex. There was an English church here before the Norman conquest, but if any of that structure survives it is not obvious and the oldest stonework that has been identified is the West Door of about 1150. In recent years renovations have revealed some lovely wall paintings dating from around 1280 that depict scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. There is a very long squint between the south aisle and the chancel. These openings in the interior walls were put in so that those in the aisle could see what the priest was doing at the altar - in particular when he elevated the host during Mass.

from Teashop and Pub Drives in Sussex by Rupert Matthews

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