Monday, 29 October 2012

Leicestershire Local Food

My wife was living in Bottesford in the Vale of Belvoir when we met. We were married there in the magnificent church that goes by the name of The Lady of the Vale of Belvoir, and our daughter was christened in the same place.

My wife introduced me to the delights of a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie on an early date while we were courting, and later showed me that there are two sorts of cheese known as Stilton - I had previously thought that there was only one. She has collected a number of recipes over the years and some of these are included in this book. I must also thank many other people who have helped with this book. It would be an impossible task to list them all, though you will find many of them listed as makers of fine foods and drinks at the back of this book. I must single out Angela Geary who has kindly allowed me access to her collection of old Leicestershire lore, including recipes and information on fruit varieties.

I have enjoyed researching this book, and must confess that my trousers are a touch tighter now than when I started.

Read, Eat, Drink, Enjoy.

from "Food and Drink of Leicestershire" by Rupert Matthews.

Book Description

1 Jun 2009 0752448633 978-0752448633
Leicestershire holds an important place in the history of Britain's food. This exploration of the county's fare sets food and drink against the character of Leicestershire to discover how history, landscape and culture have shaped the county's diet. Combining tales of the creation of Leicestershire's most famous dishes with recipes that show off the quality of the local produce, the story of the Leicestershire's historic market towns and celebrated livestock farming is discussed in detail, giving a clear explanation of how world-renowned delicacies such as the Melton Mowbray pork pie, and both Stilton and Red Leicester cheese, have made their name. Illustrated with detailed images of their creation, and of course mouth-watering photographs of the final product, this book will inspire chefs far and wide. Whether a resident of Leicestershire or merely a fan of its food and drink, this book is a must-have for all those who appreciate the fine traditions of the county's cuisine.

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