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The Earl of Norfolk marches to Lincoln - 1141

The Earl of Norfolk marches to Lincoln - 1141

Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, was also in Lincoln on that fateful day in 1141. He had been very useful to Stephen. Hugh had been at the bedside of King Henry I when he died. Hugh later claimed that as he lay dying, Henry had declared that he wanted Stephen to become the next King of England. The claim, whether it was true or not, proved to be key to persuading many nobles to accept Stephen as king. However, Hugh wanted more than just thanks. He began acting as an almost independent ruler in Norfolk ignoring orders from Stephen and flouting the law of the land. In 1136 Stephen marched an army to Norfolk in a demonstration of power that quickly brought Hugh to heel without the need for fighting. We do not know what arrangement Stephen and Hugh reached, but Hugh seems to have been content for he marched to aid Stephen as soon as Matilda landed in England and remained loyal, bringing his men to fight in the Battle of Lincoln. 

from "The Battle of Lincoln" by Rupert Matthews. 

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