Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Panathenia of ancient Greece

One of the most solemn and impressive ceremonies held in ancient Greece was the Panathenia. This was held in Athens every four years.

The Panathenia was held in honour of the goddess Athena, who was the patron goddess of Athens. Athene was the goddess of wisdom, but was also a warrior who would protect Athens.

It is thought that the Panathenia was first held in Mycenaean times, perhaps around 1600bc. It continued to be held for nearly two thousand years, until it was banned when Christianity took over.

The main purpose of the Panathenia was to present the goddess with a new cloak, which was draped around the statue of the goddess on the Acropolis. The cloak was made by the finest weaver in the city.

The ceremony began when the weaver handed the cloak to the chief priestess of Athene. The priestess then took her place at the head of a long procession.

from 1000 Facts on Ancient Greece by Rupert Matthews.
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