Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Town Walls of Sandwich, Kent

The open ditch that formed the first line of defence to the town of Sandwich in medieval times. The wall originally stood along the top of the bank on the left of the picture, but only fragments now remain. The walls were originally about 15 feet tall.

from Battlefield Walks in Kent and Sussex by Rupert Matthews

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Book Description

1 April 2008 Battlefield Walks
As the closest areas of England to the continent, Kent and Sussex have been a route favoured by invaders. The Romans came this way, as did the English, the Normans and the French. But the area has also seen its share of civil strife, in medieval baronial conflicts, the Wars of the Roses and Tudor religious uprisings.

Rupert Matthews, ‘the History Man’, presents fifteen guided walks around the battlefields of Kent and Sussex. He provides an account of events as they unfolded on the ground along with full background and context. His expertise, descriptive powers and lively enthusiasm bring the drama of history vividly to life.

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