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Men of RAF Bomber Command who won the VC

Men of Bomber Command who were awarded the Victoria Cross

Flight Lieutenant Rod Learoyd
No.49 Squadron
12 August 1940
For an attack on the Dortmund Ems Canal

Sergeant John Hannah
No.83 Squadron
15 September 1940
For fighting a fire on board his aircraft. Aged 18 Hannah was the youngest airmen VC recipient.

Wing Commander Hughie Edwards
No.105 Squadron
4 July 1941
For leading a daylight raid on Bremen.

Sergeant Jimmy Ward
No.75 Squadron
7 July 1941
For tackling a fire aboard his aircraft.

Squadron Leader John Nettleton
No.44 Squadron
17 April 1942
For successfully bombing Augsburg in daylight.

Flying Officer Leslie Manser
No.50 Squadron
30 May 1942
For holding his aircraft level while his crew baled out. Posthumous.

Pilot Officer Ron Middleton
No.149 Squadron
28 November 1942
For flying his aircraft home despite being mortally wounded. Posthumous.

Squadron Leader Leonard Trent
No.487 Squadron
3 May 1943
For leading a daylight raid on Amsterdam.

Wing Commander Guy Gibson
No.617 Squadron
16 May 1943
For leading the Dambusters Raid

Flight Sergeant Arthur Aaron
No.218 Squadron
12 August 1943
For landing his damaged aircraft safely despite being mortally wounded. Posthumous.

Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid
No.61 Squadron
3 November 1943
For continuing his mission and returning safely despite severe wounds.

Pilot Officer Cyril Barton
No.578 Squadron
30 March 1944
For crashlanding his bomber away from a village, despite serious wounds. Posthumous.

Sergeant Jorman Jackson
No.106 Squadron
26 April 1944
For tackling a fire on board his aircraft..

Pilot Officer Andrew Mynarski
No.419 Squadron
12 June 1944
For rescuing the rear gunner of his aircraft from flames. Posthumous.

Squadron Leader Ian Bazalgette
No.635 Squadron
4 August 1944
For continuing his mission despite being wounded and the bomber damaged. Posthumous.

Wing Commander Leonard Cheshire
No.617 Squadron
For completing 100 Operations.

Squadron Leader Robert Palmer
No.109 Squadron
23 December 1944
For continuing his mission despite the aircraft being in flames. Posthumous.

Flight Sergeant George Thompson
No.9 Squadron
1 January 1945
For rescuing fellow crew members from the crashed and burning aircraft. Posthumous.

Captain Edwin Swales
No.582 Squadron
23 February 1945
For holding his aircraft level so that his crew could bale out. Posthumous.

from RAF Bomber Command at War by Rupert Matthews.
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Book Description

30 Nov 2010
Bomber Command of the RAF fought one of the longest, most gruelling and thankless campaigns of the Second World War. More than 55,000 men and women were killed serving with the Command and the bombers inflicted severe and ultimately crippling damage to the German war effort. In this powerful book Rupert Matthews, the son of a Bomber Command veteran, takes a new look at the exploits of the RAF's strike force during the Second World War. By looking at the conflict from the viewpoint of those serving in Bomber Command, he reveals the why and the how of the Bomber Command campaigns. The abilities of the aircraft and aircrew are outlined, and the limits this put on operations explained. This book will help the reader understand the conditions under which the men of Bomber Command fought, lived and - tragically - so often died.

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