Tuesday, 15 January 2013

10 Wild Plants in Surrey you can eat


10 Wild Plants in Surrey you can eat
Dandelion leaves
Fat hen
Field mushroom
Stinging nettle (use gloves when gathering)
Wild garlic
Lesser celandine
Cow parsley
Ox-eye daisy

From The Little Book of Surrey by Rupert Matthews
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Book Description

1 Nov 2010 Little Book
The Little Book of Surrey is a funny, fast-paced, fact-packed compendium of the sort of frivolous, fantastic or simply strange information which no-one will want to be without. The county's most unusual crimes and punishments, eccentric inhabitants, famous sons and daughters, royal connections and literally hundreds of wacky facts about Surrey's landscape, towns and villages (plus some authentically bizarre bits of historic trivia), come together to make it essential reading for visitors and locals alike.

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