Monday, 27 August 2012

BOOK REVIEW - Battle of the Granicus

My book "Alexander the Great at the Battle of the Granicus" has been reviewed on a wargaming site.

You have read the review HERE

Extracts include:
Matthews, who has specialized in this type of treatment before, in works such as The Battle of Thermopylae and Battle of Crecy, has carefully scoured the documentary sources, far richer for the Greeks than the Persians, and has supplemented these with the help of re-enactors, archaeological finds, and an understanding of the conduct of war based on his earlier work.  

 The account is well written and provides an excellent look at the campaign and the conduct of war in the period.  

 an interesting and worthwhile read even for that more serious student. 

You can buy your copy of the book HERE

In this, the third book of Spellmounts Campaign in Context series, Rupert Matthews looks to the first major campaign of Alexander the Great. One of the most famous generals all time, Alexander was just 20 when he led his army into battle at Granicus. Despite his youth and his army being heavily outnumbered, he was victorious, and it was this victory that allowed him to conquer Asia Minor. The course of this key battle remains controversial, owing to conflicting accounts in contemporary sources. As with his previous titles in the series, Rupert Matthews carefully balances the evidence from textual sources with knowledge of the battlefield and reconstructed weaponry in order to explain the events of the battle to the general reader, and the context in which it took place.

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