Tuesday, 28 August 2012

10 Odd facts about Arms & Armour

Throughout history people have used arms to try to kill others and armour to protect themselves from being injured.

A 12,000 year old cave painting at Teruel in Spain shows men with bows and arrows.

The world’s oldest sling was found in an Egyptian tomb. It is 2,900 years old.

The original Olympic Games had a special race for men running in full battle armour.

Romans wore specially decorated helmets when on parade.

When Rome fell to the Goths, the Roman Emperor was hiding in a fortress over 150km away.

Before each fight gladiator weapons were tested by slicing up vegetables.

Some Celts covered their armour in gold leaf to make it look extra special.

Baby Chinese noblemen were given a miniature bronze sword as a good luck charm.

Dark Age Germans liked to decorate their swords with gold and precious stones.

from 100 FACTS ABOUT ARMS AND ARMOUR by Rupert Matthews
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