Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Earls of Lovelace

The First Baron
The Earls of Lovelace
Based at the lovely Ockham Hall, the King family worked their way up from being 17th century grocers to being Barons of Ockham by the 1830s. In 1838 William King was raised from the rank of Baron to be the Earl of Lovelace. He had married Augusta Byron, daughter of the poet Byron, and between them they made a number of scientific discoveries. The Lovelace family lived at Horsley Towers, built in the mid 19th century by Sir Charles Barry who also built the Houses of Parliament. The construction features a German style tower and cloisters. The family also built many other buildings around the villages of East and West Horsley.  The title is now held by the 5th Earl of Lovelace, a noted naturalist. The family helped to endow Surbiton Grammar School, later to become Esher Grammar School and now Esher College.

from THE LITTLE BOOK OF SURREY by Rupert Matthews

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