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The Battle of Crecy - some of those involved

The Battle of Crecy - some of those involved

Agace, Gobin                          French peasant from Oiseville who gave the English information regarding the ford at Blanchtaque.

Alencon, Count d’                  Charles Valois. Younger brother of King Philip VI and commander of the French rear guard at Crecy.

Amadeus VI                            Count of Savoy and ally of France. He sent a force of his men to serve with Philip in the Crecy campaign.

Annequin, Godfrey d’            French nobleman. During the Crecy campaign he held the city of Béthune for King Philip.

Artois, Robert d’                    1) Exiled French nobleman serving King Edward III from 1336.
2) His father, commander of the French army at the Battle of Courtrai in 1302.

Attewoode, Sir Edward          English knight from Staffordshire. During the Crecy campaign he served in the king’s division.

Arundel, Earl of                      Richard Fitzalan. English nobleman and administrator. He served in the rear guard during the Crecy campaign.

Aubert,  Etienne                      Cardinal Bishop of Ostia. Sent by the Pope to try to broker a peace between Edward and Philip during the Crecy campaign.

Aubigny, Olivier d’                 French nobleman. He served on King Philip’s staff during the Crecy campaign.

Aubyn, Robert                        English gunner. Edward’s royal artillator who both produced gunpowder and handled guns on campaign.

Aufremont Lord d’                 French nobleman from near Amiens.

from THE BATTLE OF CRECY by Rupert Matthews

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