Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Greatest Buccaneer of them all - Sir Harry Morgan

Henry Morgan was the most successful buccaneer of all. He was born in South Wales in about 1635 and by 1662 was the captain of a buccaneer ship sailing from Port Royal. His greatest exploit was to recruit an army of 2,000 buccaneers and 33 ships with which he captured the city of Panama in 1671. Panama was the richest Spanish city in America at the time. In 1675 Morgan retired from the sea and invested his loot so that he had plenty of
money to live on.

Morgan and his buccaneers fight their way into the city of Panama. Morgan captured several cities and dozens of ships. He would threaten to burn the cities down unless the Spanish paid him huge sums of money.

You Must Be Joking
On every voyage Morgan managed to sink his own ship on rocks or in a storm. However, he was so successful as a buccaneer that he always managed to steal several more before returning home.

Can You Believe It?
Henry Morgan was knighted by King Charles II.
YES. In 1672 Morgan went to England. He so impressed King Charles II with his exploits that the king not only knighted Morgan, but also made him Deputy Governor of Jamaica.

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